Our primary goal is to create and nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers, and team members by consistently working to deliver high quality solutions, at a lower cost and lead time than our competition.


Our partnership business model is based on doing repeat businesses projects for a select few clients; we reserve our talent, our capacity, and our future business planning for those who honor us with their business on an ongoing basis.


At Seattle Metals we look for the best people, the right people, and encourage their creativity. We are passionate about teamwork. Each of our employees takes great pride in their dedication, enthusiasm and their significant contributions to growing the company. We believe the company thrives because of the contributions each person brings. We are a close-knit team of people that share the value of serving others around us.
Our team
Partner vendors


Our suppliers are the people who allow us to serve our customers faster. Rather than working with many, we work with a select few in order to build a great relationship, a relationship where we understand each others’ needs and work together closely to deliver that value directly to the client.